[For Resellers in Cluster-I] Name server issue and resolution workaround

Dear Valued customers,

The following problem and workaround applies to resellers in Worldispnetwork.com Cluster (Cluster-I).

We are currently having issues with certain IP addresses on the name servers  and we are working to resolve the problem. We have a workaround to get around the name resolution problem. Please update the name server IP addresses on the registrar end for the service domain “yourservicedomain.com” to

ns1.yourservicedomain.com ->
ns2.yourservicedomain.com ->

This should resolve the problem on name resolution on your reseller accounts and the sites will be available after 2-5 hours of DNS name server update.



Hostdepartment Support Team

Notice – PHPBB installation

Dear valued customers,

Customers who recently installed PHPBB version 3.0.11 had encountered SQL related errors right after installation which is caused due to the lack of support for PHP version 5.2.x by the software. The customers  in Cluster I/II  facing the error who need PHPBB version 3.0.x to be installed will need to move their account to a Cluster II server running PHP 5.3.13 wherein the software can be installed without issues.

Please contact our live chat/ticket support for assistance installing PHPBB.


Best Regards,

Hostdepartment Support team.